Belgian chocolate

Chocolaterie Corné Port-Royale at Koninginnegallerij ©Pieter Heremans
Home to some of the world’s finest chocolatiers; Belgium’s chocolate heritage dates back hundreds of years.

The Flanders region in particular is often referred to as the capital of chocolate, especially since two of the globe’s biggest chocolate factories, Callebaut and Puratos, are located here. But it’s not just the long history of quality chocolate we’re known for: our refined and exceptional pralines are some of the finest you’ll ever taste. In fact, the first praline was created in Brussels’ prestigious arcade Galeries Royales Saint Hubert. With such easy access to quality ingredients and a rich history of crafting the sweet treat, our chocolate expertise is continuously being passed down to the next generation.

Chocolate innovations

Top Belgian chocolatiers like Herman Van Dender, Pierre Marcolini and Dominique Persoone don’t shy away from the latest innovation and technological developments in the chocolate sector. These artists of the confectionary world are wowing visitors with unusual flavour combinations like wasabi or earl grey tea or completely owning the production process with the creation of bean to bar chocolate. It’s no surprise then that our top chocolatiers are award-winning in several international competitions like the Patisserie World Cup.

The craft of making Belgian chocolate

In the same way that our beer brewers work hard for the perfect flavour, a staggering amount of work goes into the production of chocolate, requiring the dedication of exceptionally skilled craftspeople. These masters of the sweet world have to ensure they roast cacao beans at exactly the right temperature, work the ganache by hand, and ultimately craft a praline with the perfect mouthful for what they are trying to achieve.

There’s a lot more that goes into making our chocolate and pralines than meets the eye. Which is why tasting or bringing home a box of pralines is an experience that can’t be missed when visiting Flanders.

Culinary treats and Belgian Beer

Love of food and flavour is in a Fleming’s blood, and good taste is rooted in our DNA. In Flanders, food lovers taste flavors and dishes they can't find anywhere else, thanks to the variety in local products. We are living the good life.

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