The Hotel

When you think of Brussels, probably the Atomium, the Grand Place and Manneke Pis come to mind. But this city has way more to offer. Here are seven reasons why you should visit our beautiful capital according to Lonely Planet and Use-It.

1. Great view

The Hotel
Interested in seeing this picture from your hotel room window? 'The Hotel' has one of the best views in town. Looking for other spots with great views? Brussels has plenty! Visit the Kunstberg or look down from the terrace of the music instrument museum (MIM).

2. Over 2400 beers

Goupil le fol
In Brussels you have bars like 'Delirium cafe', where you can drink over 2400 different types of beer. Remember to don't drink the same beer twice, but try out different types like Geuze Beer, Westmalle and Hoegaarden. But when you're tired of Belgian beers, go visit 'Goupil le fol'. Try some of this bar's madly fruit-flavored wines, while you take in the madness that this place is. Think: ragged old sofas, inexplicable beverages and a sensory overload of rambling passageways.

3. Relax and be impressed by stunning architecture

Parc du Cinquantenaire
Sure you can relax on the grand place, or in a bar in the city center. But If there is one place in Brussels where you'll never going to get bored it's here in 'Parc du Cinquantenaire', one of the most beautiful parks in Brussels. It's close to the city center and aligned with beautiful architecture. Bursting with energy again? Pay a visit to three of the city's biggest museums, or gaze at the triumphal arch built for the celebration of Belgium's 50th anniversary.

4. Antoine’s fries

Antoine’s fries
If you like our waffles, beers and chocolate, you'll like our Belgian fries. For this, we have just the place for you. There's a caravan on place Jourdan known to have the best fries in town, 'Maison Antoine'. Antoine's fries are twice-fried on different temperatures in beef fat to make them absolutely irresistible. Make sure to try some different types of sauces. Join the locals in the queue and start a conversation. Bon appetit!

5. Paper heroes and architecture

Paper heroes and architecture
Brussels has some of the best museums in Belgium, like the Royal Museum of Fine Arts and the Margritte Museum. And if you're into comic books we have just the thing for you. There is a whole museum dedicated to their history and culture. Feel like reading some? The reading room downstairs is free with a museum ticket and has comics in more than 20 languages. If you're done with the comic books, take a look at the interior as well. The museum is located in one of the famous architect Victor Horta's buildings. A true masterpiece.

6. Walk like a royal

Coudenberg Palace
From the middle ages, an enormous castle overlooked Brussels from Coudenberg Hill. It was a sumptuous residential palace, one of the most beautiful in Europe and one of Charles V's main residences. It was severely damaged in a fire in 1731. The remains of this castle can still be visited today. Go underground and explore the Coudenberg Archaeological site. Want to experience more royalty? Once a year you can visit the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken, which are simply stunning. During two weeks in late April and May, these immense greenhouses with numerous types of flowers, plants, trees … are open for visitors. The gardens surrounding the greenhouses are also absolutely worth a stroll.

7. Look around the corners

Look around the corners
In Brussels, you see architectural pearls hidden behind random apartment blocks all the time, but if you keep your eyes open, you can see a lot more. Here you find some of the best street art in Belgium. Names like Bonom, Kool Koor and the Space Invaders, are only a few examples of known street artist active in its winding streets. no matter where you look in the city center, expect to see some form of street art popping out.
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