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Clear, reliable information is essential. For persons with disabilities, this can be a determining factor in whether they decide to go on holiday. For that reason, VISITFLANDERS has defined three accessibility labels. A and A+ labels indicate the accessibility of holiday homes, information and visitor centres. The M label is meant for meeting and conference spaces.

Holiday homes, information and visitor centres


A+ Label

Buildings labelled A+ are easily, independently accessible to persons with reduced mobility.


A label

Buildings labelled A offer basic accessibility for persons with reduced mobility. These may occasionally require additional effort or assistance. Tip: Be sure to check why a building does not qualify as A+.

Meeting and conference spaces

Toegankelijk M-label

M label

This label rates the infrastructure of meeting and conference venues. It indicates the extent to which these are accessible to persons with disabilities. The rating takes into account both wheelchair users and persons with hearing or visual impairments. There are three levels: basic (M), good (M+) and excellent accessibility (M++).

We also evaluate other locations of interest to tourists such as museums, heritage sites and amusement parks. While we do not issue an associated label, we can provide information on request. Please contact us to learn more about the accessibility of a specific building or location.

Hotond Ronse


At the beginning of 2008, Flanders created an accessibility label for hotels, holiday parks, youth hostels, holiday homes, campsites and B&Bs. Since 2012, VISITFLANDERS also applies this label to information and visitor centres.The label is awarded following a thorough, objective investigation of the site.

The screening process is carried out by an accessibility advisor from Inter Vlaanderen. A special committee decides which label to award a specific building and which points require improvement. This committee is made up of independent advocates for persons with disabilities and representatives of the tourism industry.

What areas of a building does an inspection encompass?

Hotels, holiday homes, B&Bs, holiday centres and youth hostels

  • Access path from public highway
  • Entrance and reception area
  • Dining area
  • Shared toilets
  • Bedroom
  • Private bathroom
  • Multi-purpose room (group accommodations only)
  • Walking routes between all elements


  • Parking area with access path
  • Entrance
  • Reception area
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Walking routes between all elements

Tourist information and visitor centres

  • Access path
  • Entrance
  • Reception area
  • Information desk

Information carriers and immersive experiences

  • Toilets (visitor centres only, as visits to information centres are usually short)
  • Walking routes between all elements

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