Crispy, golden fries: they’re our national pride. Did you know that Belgium has more than 4.600 fries stands? That means you can find one in every district and village. Our locals adore them! For the Flemish, fries are anything but a side dish. That’s also the reason we’re so good at making them. As well as having the best potatoes, we also have the pride and the skills to make the best fries in the world. Taking the time to prepare them as they should be, from the correct chopping technique to the second cooking: there’s a real art to the creation of fries.

Belgian fries, not French fries

While they may be known across the world as ‘French fries’, there’s nothing French about them. The name ‘friet’ comes from patates frites, Belgian-French for ‘fried potatoes’. One possible explanation for the association could have been formed in the First World War, when American soldiers were introduced to ‘fried potatoes’ in Belgium, but thought they were in France because that was the language spoken in that region. Whether you call them Flemish or Belgian, our delicious fries are made from bintje potatoes per tradition, and are the tastiest you’ll find anywhere on the planet.

Once your order is prepared, these crunchy golden batons are seasoned with a little salt. The most popular order is a cone topped with mayonnaise; simple and delicious.

Flemish classics with fries (of course)

Our regional cuisine stands for authenticity and quality. It sets great store by using local, seasonal ingredients. As you might expect, many of our most popular and traditional dishes are also fantastic when enjoyed with a portion of fries. Bring out the foodie in you and enjoy all the deliciousness that Flanders has to offer with these great specialties.

Frietjes Fries

“We don’t see fries as fast food, but as art.
We take the time to prepare them as they should be”


A nostalgic classic. Creamy and full of flavour. The Flemish version is a hollow puff pastry filled with a chicken, meatballs and mushroom sauce. The ultimate comfort food.



Mussels and fries are a match made in heaven. Traditionally the season for these North Sea delicacies runs from July until February, and we just love to serve our mussels in a variety of sauces. Add golden fries for the perfect meal.


Beef Stew

This dish brings together the best of what Flanders has to offer: tender, delicious meat paired with a good beer. Known locally as ‘stoofvlees’ this hearty dish often uses beer in the sauce and is best enjoyed with a side of fries.

beef stew

Tomaat-garnaal with fries and mayonnaise

A tomato filled with fresh grey shrimps. A simple dish that tastes like heaven when using the very best ingredients and finished with freshly made mayonnaise. Always a winner!

tomato filled with shrimps ©Sofie Coreynen