Enjoy a wonderful spring holiday in Flanders

bloesem © Robin Reynders

The birds are singing, the sun is getting warmer, and the fresh colours of nature are starting to appear. It’s spring in Flanders. And there’s plenty to experience. From three different art events to our cycling classics, from micro-adventures in unspoilt nature to a few highlights of our food and drink culture. Here are some tips for you to enjoy a wonderful spring holiday in Flanders.

Beaufort OLNETOP © Westtoer APB

Beaufort24, from 27 March to 3 November 2024 on the Flemish coast

Flanders holds the arts in high regard. This spring sees the start of Beaufort24. This art triennial is taking place on the North Sea coast for the eighth time. The event will see the creation of 18 brand-new, contemporary works of art on our 67-kilometre-long coastline. Eight of them will find a permanent place among the other artworks in the Beaufort Sculpture Park. As part of this project, over 40 works from previous editions have now found a permanent place on the North Sea. To sum up: a stunning outdoor exhibition where you can enjoy an extraordinary marriage of art and nature free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Triënnale Brugge 2024 © SO—IL

Bruges Triennial, from 13 April to 1 September in the historic city

Is your artistic hunger not yet satisfied? The picturesque city of Bruges is also serving up a host of delights this spring. Bruges Triennial is once again bringing contemporary art and architecture to the streets and squares of Bruges. Under the title Spaces of Possibility, a group of artists and architects will explore the potential of this heritage gem. How does a historic city like Bruges deal with concepts like change and sustainability, without losing sight of historic value? What role do contemporary art and architecture play in this? Find out as from April during a wonderful open-air walk along the course of the Bruges Triennial.

Oostende_Street art van Sozy One, geïnspireerd op Ensor  © Jules Césure 12

Ensor24, an ode to the Flemish Master

Good things come in threes. It’s also true for Flanders’ art events this spring. Let’s head off to Ostend. That city is inextricably linked with James Ensor. In 2024, it will be exactly 75 years since the death of this Flemish Master. The Ensor2024 city festival is a tribute to him. This spring, the exhibition Rose, Rose, Rose à mes yeux highlights his still lifes. A wealth of activities and events are highlighting countless other aspects of this modern art pioneer. A great way to discover Ensor’s life and work in the city he called home. 

2023 - Ronde van Vlaandere Cyclo  © Peloton

The Flemish cycling classics this spring

Spring sounds different in Flanders: the roar of a fast-approaching peloton, cheered on by huge crowds. When spring arrives, everything revolves around the spring classics in cycling: top races such as the E3 Classic, Gent-Wevelgem and, the ultimate highlight, the Tour of Flanders. The Tour is a day like no other in Flanders, because every year, a million spectators line the roadside. A unique experience. Want to know more about the history and heroism of the Tour, nicknamed Flanders’ Finest? A visit to the Tour of Flanders Centre will fill you in on all the details.

Asperges op zijn Vlaams © www.lekkervanbijons.be_35461545365_o

‘Goesting’ for culinary voyages of discovery

Meanwhile, winter is finally over and in Flanders that gives us ‘goesting’. And for Flemings, ‘goesting’ is more than just a word. It encompasses a variety of emotions such as desire, appetite or craving. It applies to all the wonderful things in life. And certainly when it comes to our unique food and drink culture. Would you like to get to know it better? A great way to start is by sampling superb regional products. For example, asparagus, our famous and favourite spring vegetable. Or plan a visit to Gent Smaakt, Antwerpen Proeft or StrEat Fest in Brussels. Three culinary festivals that blend vibrant city life, heritage, history and our food culture into a delicious mouthful.

Picture Toer de Geuze 2019 © Toerisme Vlaams-Brabant 12

Toer de Geuze, a unique look at our Belgian beer culture

When you think of ‘food’, you think of ‘drink’. And when you think of ‘drink’, you probably soon think of the unrivalled Belgian beers. Our beer landscape is like a mountain range: one peak after another. You can discover one such peak on 4 and 5 May at Toer de Geuze. This unique event highlights Lambic and Geuze beers. These slightly sour explosions of flavour are a speciality in the Pajottenland and Zenne Valley regions, south-west of Brussels. During the Toer de Geuze, 13 breweries and geuze distilleries from the region throw their doors wide open. You will experience a unique introduction to a jewel in the Belgian beer crown.  

Toerisme Vlaanderen - Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen - TerHills - ©Bjorn Snelders - 5 (1)

Hoge Kempen National Park: micro-adventures, maxi happiness

Flanders’ natural beauty is not just there to be enjoyed. You can also live it. Take the Hoge Kempen National Park for example. Not only does it stand out as one of Europe’s most beautiful hiking spots, you can also experience it to the full yourself, with one of the many micro-adventures. You can wake up there surrounded by nature, go on a safari through unspoilt nature with a park ranger, or become one with nature on the barefoot path. Because the Hoge Kempen National Park doesn’t just guarantee great hiking. You can also enjoy countless wonderful moments of happiness with the whole family. 

There’s plenty to experience in Flanders again this spring. Why not take out your diary and start planning? Whether you want to savour a Belgian beer or our unique cycling spring, the pristine nature or the culinary delights, a bike ride through Flanders or a triumvirate of art events: everything is possible. See you soon! 

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