The collective of Flemish culinary ambassadors

Isn’t life all about desire? We all know the cravings for chocolate, beer, music, love and friendship. In Flanders, we even have a specific word for this. “GOESTING” is the Flemish word that perfectly expresses the concept of desire. And it just so happens that we Flemings know a thing or two about desire. Especially when it comes to food.

Meet the “Ambassadors of GOESTING”: A group of foodies who embody Flemish gastronomy. We are chefs, chocolatiers, brewers, hosts and culinary creators, united by a common goal: to share the hidden stories of our dining culture. Want to bet that you don’t yet know our Flemish dining culture? Maybe not yet anyway...

Ambassadors of GOESTING

Anne Sophie_portret
A sense of wonder, that’s what chef Anne-Sophie Breysem aims to achieve with her culinary creations.
Tim & Inge Boury
Chef Tim Boury describes his third Michelin star last year as a complete surprise and gratifying acknowledgement of his entire team’s hard work.
Chef and entrepreneur Wim Ballieu’s restaurants focus on Flemish farm cooking 2.0.
When other chefs taste Lien Vandeputte’s creations, they praise her for her quirky cooking style.
Pieter_Brusselse Wafel small
Dark chocolate mousse, crème brûlée and vanilla mousse are layered onto a speculoos-spiced olive oil biscuit, with salted cocoa nibs for a crunchy bite.
Joke Michiel - portret
In total shock, is how Joke Michiel describes her reaction to receiving the Parabere Care Award in 2022.
Martijn Defauw & Esteban Casteur - portret
On a typical Flemish cobbled road, an unobtrusive façade conceals a hidden gem.
Filip_Vis 750
It was during a trip to Japan that Filip Claeys first gained an appreciation of his own terroir.
Thomas_Witloof small
Whenever his father wasn’t around, young Thomas would secretly dig the chicory out from its soil bed.
Hendrik - portret
Tasty meat with a good story, that’s what Hendrik Dierendonck sells in his butcher shops.
Raf Van Pottelbergh - portret
“The first time you taste geuze, you have to forget everything you thought you knew about beer.”
Seppe Nobels - portret
For many years, Seppe Nobels was the chef at Antwerp’s sustainable vegetarian restaurant Graanmarkt 13.
Peter-Goossens - portret
“Food should taste good. It’s that simple.” These are the words of Peter Goossens, godfather of Flemish gastronomy.
“A cheese ripener’s most important duty isn’t actually the ripening, but the selection.” This is what cheesemaster Frédéric Van Tricht believes.
Sven Dekleermaeker - portret
“Is this beer perfect or what,” rejoices Sven Dekleermaeker as he raises an amber-toned Bolleke to his lips.
Nick Bril - portret
“When I’m serving up music to thousands of people at Tomorrowland, I’m actually doing the exact same thing as in The Jane’s kitchen.
Sven en Evelyn - portret
“I was undecided between a pub and a chip shop,” laughs Sven De Ville as he relates the start of his career as a chippy.
Rudi Ghequire - portret
You can hardly help being impressed as you wander through the halls in which the centuries-old Rodenbach brewery ages its beers.
Willem_Garnalen small
“My soul is like the sea. At times it’s tempestuous, but it can also be dead calm.” Willem Hiele is a child of the North Sea.

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