Flemish street food for every taste


Delicious, unpretentious and increasingly popular, street food is being recognised as a part of culture. Especially in Flanders. The home of waffles, fries and other unique culinary delights, you're able to enjoy award-winning gastronomic fare in Flanders without setting foot in a restaurant or even ordering a main course. What's on the menu? The best of the best.

Shrimp croquettes


There's a lot of technical skill needed to prepare the perfect garnaalkroket: a shrimp croquette. Especially when it's done the Flemish way. In the coastal towns of Oostduinkerke and Koksijde, you'll see fisherman riding horses and dragging homemade nets behind them to catch shrimp straight from the white sands.

The method has even been recognised by UNESCO as an example of intangible cultural heritage. Don't miss the spectacle. And then head to any restaurant or kiosk for a serving of ultra-fresh shrimp croquettes.

Friends Eating fries

Flanders: where fries are the main attraction...

Frites, frietjes, chips or fries: call them what you want, there's no denying the well-deserved reputation they have for being utterly astounding in Flanders. Quite understandably, it's a region that takes its fries very seriously: Flemish newspapers even run an annual competition to identify the best frituur - a restaurant or kiosk that specialises in fries and other fried street food - in Flanders. If you want to enjoy your frietjes like the Flemish, add mayonnaise or a good serving of stoofvleessaus: a sauce in which beef extracts are cooked with onions in brown beer. It's heaven on a cold day!

Eating waffles with streetband

Waffle waffle waffle

It's not called a Belgian waffle out here: you'll most frequently see references to Brussels waffles and Liège waffles, the two main types of waffle. The waffle is such a convenient food, it's almost like it was invented to raise street food to new heights. You won't have trouble finding a waffle: just follow your nose. The only struggle will be to decide what to have on it ... Belgians love to douse them in sugar - waffles are often served with three or more different kinds of sugar.

Of course, strawberries and cream are options, ice cream is common, as is chocolate spread, or anything else that complements the light, crispiness of the waffle itself ...How do you decide what the best topping is? By trying them all!



One of the highlights of street food in Flanders, cuberdons, also known as neuzekes, Gentse neuzen or Ghent noses are a unique, usually purple, cone-shaped candy that look a little like noses. The outside is almost like a crust, while inside, they are filled with raspberry-flavoured syrup.

The best place to find them is at the small stalls you'll find at the Groentenmarkt in Ghent. While they are definitely available elsewhere in Flanders, you'll be hard pressed to find them anywhere outside the region.

Shopping at The Chocolate Line © www.milo-profi.be_

The Land of Chocolate

It's time for chocolate. Did you know that pralines were invented in Belgium? The Neuhaus shop is still open in the prestigious Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, but is now one of an uncountable number of places you'll find vending chocolate of all sorts, from creatively shaped chocolates to the exquisite truffles that melt in your mouth. But don't just savour the flavour and texture: chocolatiers proudly sculpt incredible window displays that will amaze you almost as much as the chocolate itself.

A day in Bruges - the canals

Expert advice

There's no denying the incredible range of different street foods you'll find in Flanders. Exactly how do you indulge in them all if you're short on time? Then book a private food tour, like those you find in Bruges or Antwerp. This kills two birds with one stone: an introduction to some culinary highlights and all the beauty of these splendid cities. Now that you know what Flanders has to offer, it's time to experience it for yourself! Join us soon for a stand-up meal!

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