Discover Flanders with your family

Familievriendelijk aanbod Vlaanderen

The sea, greenery and historic cities, all within a stone’s throw of each other? The trendiest dining addresses and the most welcoming accommodation? The most fascinating museums and coolest attractions? Surprising bike rides? Welcome to Flanders! Here you can experience and discover so much along with the whole family, very quickly and within a short distance.


Crazy science and an centuries-old castle

A museum? Boring? Certainly not if you step inside the GUM in Ghent. In this crazy science museum children and teenagers marvel at a spectacular collection coming from different branches of science: from biology to archaeology, from psychology to medicine. The younger children can find what they are looking for in one of the scavenger hunts. About a kilometre away, the history of Ghent is all there to see in the city museum STAM, perfect for a visit with the whole family.

This beautiful historic city houses even more museums geared towards children. Be sure to visit the House of Alijn, in the beating heart of the historic centre. This museum focuses on daily life, on people’s extraordinary everyday existence. Both the permanent collection and the changing exhibitions will captivate young and old. Ideal for a trip with the family. After that, just a five-minute walk away, you stand by the gates of the Gravensteen. In this imposing 12th-century fortress, you can imagine yourself as a real knight. And there is even more fun if you take the comedy tour, that explains the history of the castle with a mischievous wink. The fascinating stories of the former castle dwellers are suitable for all ages and even tickle the fancy of those who are not immediately fans of fortresses and castles.

The flowers and bees in Botanical Garden Meise

Discovering and experiencing are central in Botanical Garden Meise, some ten kilometres from Brussels. Together with the children, go on one of the walks through the park or visit Bouchout Castle. Teenagers will enjoy the extra challenge of the GPS quest. And King Amaryllo loves to take the 4 to 12-year-olds exploring. In the summer months we have the ‘Verwonder-Je-Voeten-Pad’, an adventurous barefoot experience. With a play forest next door and a sandpit on the terrace, the Oranjerie restaurant is also completely geared towards children.

Plantentuin Meise

From Ensor to TikTok

The great James Ensor was one of the most important innovators in modern art. The James Ensor House in his hometown Ostend shows how this artistic genius lived and worked. Highly recommended for culture lovers and their families. The recently renovated museum teaches them about the wonderful world of James Ensor in a fun and interactive way. Manservant Gust leads the way and whispers numerous secrets in their ears. The family trail serves up some amazing ‘do’ activities and crazy riddles, and there is a nice reward at the information desk for anyone who can unmask the fake Ensor. Afterwards, discover the Ostend of the Grand Master for yourself during an interactive, digital walk.

After your visit, there is still plenty to experience in Ostend. The beach is nearby and throughout the city there are many spectacular, lasting impressions of the street art festivalThe Crystal Ship. Or take on the cool challenges of Ostend’s very own TikTokTour. Will you be able to fulfil them all ten?

Cycling in Roeselare

Flanders is the mecca of cycle racing. If you want to immerse yourself in cycle racing, the KOERS museum in Roeselare is certainly worth a visit. The family package for 6- to 12-year-olds (and their families) provides the young and not-so-young with instant play and discovery fun. You get a road book just like the real cyclists. Along the way, you seek out objects with a story to tell, test what cycling was like in the 19th century and come up with your own cyclist nickname. A bike ride through the museum completes the story: the little ones can race through the exhibition on one of the KOERS balance bikes.

Technopolis Mechelen

Mechelen guarantees an unforgettable visit with the whole family

Mechelen, an art city full of heritage and with plenty of gems for all who are young (at heart). Take, for example, St. Rumbold’s Cathedral. This iconic structure with a tower of over 97 metres can also be explored at children's level. With a fun quest spread over the different floors, you stumble on one surprise after the next.

Is your urge to explore not yet satisfied? No? Then you should definitely visit Technopolis in Mechelen. This interactive ‘do’ centre is packed with technological and scientific experiments. Or if you prefer something a little more light-hearted, try the Toy Museum which paints a picture of the history of the most fun item of them all: the toy. Or immerse yourself in the wonders of nature in Planckendael, a beautiful landscaped zoo.

Play on the Heath in Hoge Kempen National Park

Besides the many museums, Flanders has a great outdoors for you to enjoy. The Hoge Kempen National Park has no less than 12,000 hectares to discover through play. The possibilities are endless, but here is a brief summary. You have the Joekelbos, the largest adventure play forest in Flanders. The play elements, wooden animals, play dunes with water and hideaways are a Valhalla for playful spirits. Everyone can amuse themselves in the Speelbos.  For the little ones, there are spring seesaws and playhouses; and for the bigger kids a maze or a cable car. Parents and grandparents can keep an eye on things from the picnic zone. And then there is the petting farm, the gnome trail, the planet trail... And they are all largely accessible with a pushchair.

Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen

Family trip to Flanders? Here are a few tips...

Flanders, that is 67 kilometres of picturesque sandy beaches that you can visit with the Coast Tram, the longest tram line in the world. Flanders also offers 15,000 kilometres of cycling pleasure along the cycling node routes. And in most cities, the places of interest are within walking distance of each other. Oh yes, and the fries are ours (‘French fries’, are actually ‘Belgian fries’). Only the weather here can be a bit changeable, which is why the Flemish destinations offer a mix of indoor and outdoor activities.

Brochure family-friendly Flanders and Brussels

With its versatility, Flanders is the ideal destination for a holiday with the whole family. Below is a selection of the activities to make your trip to Flanders an unforgettable family holiday.