• Today

    Flemish masters in Situ 2018-2019

    01/06 - 30/09

    The Flemish Masters in situ project is made up of 40 carefully selected oeuvres away from the well-trodden and busy tourist trails. Often to be found …

  • Today

    Polé Polé Ghent

    19/07 - 28/07

    The only floating festival in Europe! No less than 10 days, Polé Polé will add in its own and unique way some color to the historical Ghent city centr…

  • Coming up

    The Madonna meets Mad Meg

    05/10 - 31/12

    Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s 'Mad Meg' has come home to Antwerp after a two-year absence. You can renew your acquaintance with the work at the home of i…

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Getting here

Since Flanders - Belgium is not so big, it's no surprise that it's an easy place to travel around. All of our cities are really close to each other and accessible by train or car.

Where to stay

Flanders provides a lot of different places to stay. From historical hotels to romantic cottages, Flanders has a vast offer in accomodations. Check them out here.

What to do

Whether it is to discover Flanders art, architecture, food and drinks, events, romantic places, top cafés, markets, attractions or shopping, everyone will find something to their specific needs.

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