Flemish-style asparagus

When the season begins in early spring, asparagus appears on restaurant menus as soon as possible; everyone wants to be the first to offer this delicacy. The perfect way to present fresh white asparagus on the plate remains ‘à la Flamande’ or ‘in the Flemish way’.

This simple method of preparation really shows off the noble and understated asparagus: the asparagus is cooked al dente in lightly salted water (possibly with a pinch of lemon juice to keep it pristine white) and then topped with a hard-boiled egg and some parsley. Finally, warm, melted butter is spooned over the plate to enhance the creaminess of the white asparagus. It’s genius in its simplicity! Also delicious with a handful of grey shrimps, another source of Flemish pride.

Asperges op zijn Vlaams

Peeling asparagus is a job that requires precision and attention (although more and more these days you can have the asparagus peeled by a special peeler at the grower). The peels can then be used as the basis for an asparagus broth, which makes a delicious creamy asparagus soup.