The 'ambassadors of GOESTING' will not only meet up on a regular basis to exchange experiences and experiment, they will also regularly go abroad on their own or in a group in coming years to promote Flemish culinary assets internationally. 

The ultimate goal? Together, to shape the future image of our culinary heritage and put Flanders on the international map as the ultimate destination for foodies. We do this together, each of us in our own and authentic way, but always with the same spirit.


Our manifesto

  • As a collective, we give our local dishes and products extra flavour. 
  • With the charisma that each of us possesses, we promote Flanders as a culinary destination
  • We are aware of the impact that food has on society, nature and our health.
  • We work in a way in which food and drink serve a larger, overall goal.
  • Each one of us has an extensive national or international network.
  • We are happy to use that network to achieve our goals.
  • We work under the framework of “Flanders”.
  • We work as a collective and not as individual companies.
  • We know that together we are stronger and we join our forces.

"The fact that I can be part of a collective with passionate culinary professionals is fantastic. I am proud to be able to develop and promote the culinary wealth of Flanders together with them further!”