Flanders Fields

In Flanders Fields museum
Flanders Fields formed the dramatic backdrop for some of the bloodiest battles of the First World War for four long years. One hundred years after WWI broke out, the region’s landscape still tells the story of the war. It is home to hundreds of monuments and cemeteries that hold great historical significance for people all over the world.

Great War Centenary

During the commemoration of ‘The Great War Centenary', tens of thousands of international visitors of all ages, some of whom will have some form of accessibility requirement, are expected to travel to the area. To this end, VISITFLANDERS strives for the integral accessibility of the activities commemorating WWI for the broadest possible public. In collaboration with Westkans – the accessibility centre of West-Flanders – and the province of West-Flanders, we realized the brochure ‘Great War Centenary – accessible for everyone’. This brochure takes into account all aspects of an accessible stay: information and reception, accommodation, restaurants, cafés, great war sites, transportation, parking spaces, assistance and care, etc. …

The Visit Flanders labels A and A+ are used in order to describe the degree of accessibility for accommodations and information offices.
Specially developed for this project, a W symbol (basic accessibility) and W+ symbol (comfortable accessibility) is used for the other categories. The labels are only assigned after an extensive inspection on site. In the brochure, we would like to give you a taste of locations which offer good accessibility. 
Download or order the brochure The Great War Centenary - accessible to everyone.

  • Visual impairment

The Great War commemoration is more than worthwile, also if you are blind or partially sighted. The brochure "Great War centenary - tips for visual impaired visitors" tells you e.g. where text in several reading formats is available and where you can find tactile or auditory information.
Download or order the brochure Great War centenary

  •     AccesSEAble app helps you prepare your accessible trip at Flanders Fields!

Using the AccesSEAble app, you can easily prepare your accessible trip to Flanders Fields! Whether you’re still preparing your trip at home or you’re already at your holiday destination, this app gives you an overview of the accessible WW I museums and sites. Through a personalized profile, you can also search for a suitable restaurant, café or public toilet.

Download the app through Google Play. Soon available on the App Store and Windows Phone Store.

  •     Accessible Toilets

If you’re looking for another way to search for an accessible toilet, download this brochure with detailed information on accessible public toilets in the Flanders Fields region. You can also order this brochure by sending an e-mail to accessible@visitflanders.com.